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HRT F110 car specifications


Chassis material:  CARBON COMPOSITE

Bodywork material: CARBON COMPOSITE

Chassis constructor : Dallara


Front Track: 1800mm

Rear Track : 1800mm

Wheel base: Around 3200mm

Overall Length: Around 4800mm

Overall Height:  950mm


Engine official name: Cosworth CA2010

Duty cycle type: 4 stroke reciprocating piston, normally aspirated

Configuration: 8 cylinders in banked V configuration with an angle of 90 degrees

Construction:  Cast aluminium alloy cylinder block and head, forged aluminium pistons, steel crankshaft

Capacity: 2,400cc

Valves: 32 with pneumatic valve springs

Maximum speed: Limited to 18,000rpm

Timing: Double overhead cams driven via compliant gear from crankshaft

Mass: In excess of 95kg

Cylinder bore:  Less than 98mm

Fuelling:  Magneti Marelli – 8 injectors supplied by a pressurized system at 100bar

Ignition: Magneti Marelli – 8 ignition coils each driving single spark plug

Lubrication:  Dry sump

Spark Plugs:  Champion

Gearbox :   Xtrac

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