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Mc Laren MP4/25 exhaust outlets configuration from Launch to Hungary


Periscope configuration

Mc Laren also presented at Valencia its own version of the EBD system pioneered by Red Bull . Nevertheless due to car stability issues and insufficient track testing the EBD was abolished from race at Silverstone and first raced at Hockenheim .


 Germany , tested  1st version ,

Small changes to the lower wishbone and also the bodywork was cut around the exhaust pipes


At Hockenheim  two versions of the EBD were tested ,  one with cut of bodywork around the pipes outlet to low down the temperatures in this area  and another one with elongated pipes  which were cut off to permit a stronger interaction with the air coming around the sidepod bottoms . The second version featured also an additional piece of carbon around the pipes  . At race the team chose to use  the cut of pipes .

 Germany ,race – 2nd version ,

used at race , elongated exhaust pipes with their ends cut off

At Hungaroring the rear suspension lower wishbone was once more revised with the heat covering protective element to be wrapped  only around the outer part of the wishbone located just above the exhaust pipe . The second  solution is preferable as it is lighter and it was allowed by the fact that  the  elongated  exhaust pipes blow the hot emissions only under the outer lower wishbone area .


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