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T127 Technical Specification

Chassis material : Carbon fibre

Bodywork material : Carbon fibre

Front Suspension : Carbon fibre

Rear Suspension : Carbon fibre

Dampers : Penske

Cooling system (radiators,heat exchangers) : In house Lotus

Cockpit instrumentation : MES

Seat belts : Sparco

Steering : Lotus

Driver’s seat : Lotus

Extinguisher system : FEV

Wheels : BBS to Lotus Spec

Fuel cell : ATL

Battery : Yuasa

Steering Wheel : Lotus

Overall Length : N/A

Overall height : 950 mm

Gearbox : X-trac

Clutch : AP Carbon Multi plate

Discs : Hitco

Calipers : AP

Pads : Hitco

Engine : Coswoth V8 C12010 , 90° V angle engine

Valve train: pneumatic

Fuel management and ignition systems: Cosworth

Engine materials: include block and pistons in aluminium, crankshaft in steel billet, connecting rods in titanium

Fuel provider : N/A

Lubricants provider : N/A

source : http://www.lotusracing.my/

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  1. Kntimp589
    October 6, 2010 at 8:06 am

    Lotus is going to use Renault engines and Red Bull gearboxes and hydraulic systems from the 2011 season ! That are great news for Lotus . I would love to see Lotus winning again

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