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RB6 Steering wheel details


        The RB6 steering wheel has a “butterfly”  shape , following the Mc Laren old trend with the dashboard placed in front of the steering wheel on the cockpit wall. The main functions of the RB6 steering wheel are the following

1. put the gearbox in neutral ( green button with N indication )

2.The red button “PIT” is to apply the speed limiter in the pit lane

3.onboard radio  ( red button with radio indication )

4.The black rotating button is to adjust the fuel-air mix in the engine

5.Drink button to activate isotonic liquid flow to driver’s mouth

6.REV button to engage reverse gear . There are several checks to prevent an accidental press off this button on track 

7.The knob with rain indication controls the differential at intermediate and wet conditions

8.This button also modifies the clutch bite point 

9. Clutch paddles

10. “OK” white button , this is to let the engineers know that the driver has heard a request

11.Gear upshift paddle

12.Gear downshift paddle

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