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R30 – Bahraini rear wing spec

         The R30 run at Bahrain ( and late winter test at Barcelona   )  a W-shaped waved rear wing , with a single pillar [1] to increase wing’s stiffness and a black colored Gurney tab [2] to help increase the level of downforce . The endplates though remained similar to the launch spec , with three horizontal slits [3] and a cut at their up rear part [4] to reduce drag .

        During winter testing at Valencia and Jerez the R30 run at least two different spec of wings . At Valencia the wing had a highly waved-shape and a  “gigantic” tab to produce a big amount of downforce   . At Jerez the R30 was equipped with a new diffuser that made the car produce more downforce and that allowed the team to dramatically  reduce the size of this tab in favor of top speed  .

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