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MP4/25 – new front wing at Silverstone


      The new front wing has  a new vertical flap splitter  mounted on the main flap and  onto a point located about the one third of the total main flap length and close to the endplates . This splitter , which houses the  wing adjuster divides not only the main flap into two sections but also the upper cascade element . It is quite interesting to point out that the splitter follows a similar shape pattern to the endplate so the whole design gives the impression that the wing has now two endplates , the usual outer one  and another one inner .

      The main flap has also a new wavy profile , curving upwards both close to the inner endplate-splitter and to the classic endplate  to create a Venturi channel at both inner endplates bottom sides .

  endplate  details

      Lastly the endplates were also revised , having now a new longer upper triangular fin , new second slot which is not divided into two anymore and a more sealed rear surface with a much smaller cut .

      The changes are made to increase the speed of air under the wing and force the inner flap section to generate more downforce .   A logical evolution of the splitter would be to extend it below and behind the flaps to improve the air guidance under the car ( acting as an air fence ) .

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