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MP4/25 – Sidepod panels update at Turkey

The revised sidepod panel has now a trapezoid shape for mainly two reasons . Firstly to decrease  the  volume of space between the panel and the sidepod body  aiming  to increase the speed of air passing trough taking advantage of the venturi effect created  , and secondly to form a channel on  the external panel surface . This channel  separates the flow of air passing around the sidepods body into two , one flowing at the bottom and another one guided through this channel around the sidepods middle section . This new panel formation improves the quality and quantity of air flowing towards the rear of the car . It is worthy of reminding that the lower streamline of air around the sidepod bottoms , which is now improved ,  interacts also with the diffuser side section via the small vent in front of the rear wheels .

MP4/25 – Introduction of rear floor duct at Bahrain 


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