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Sauber C29 – Bahraini front wing details

The C29 at Sakhir featured an interesting triple profiled front wing ( practically unchanged since launch time ) with additional double profiled cascade winglets (1) , Those winglets  are mounted on the main plane and provide a significant increase in front downforce . The flap moving mechanism is housed inside the black colored vertical elements (2) while exactly under them there are vertical fences to guide better the under wing airflow reducing turbulence .

The endplates have a quite complicated design and can be considered to be consisted of two parts .  The first part of triangular shape has a flopping outwards rear part (3) to divert air away from the front tyres profile reducing drag . The second part (4) is mounted a bit outer on the horizontal floor and has a upward-curving fin to add a small amount of downforce .

Finally the main plane forms a square channel (5) close to the endplates to raise the quantity of  air flowing under the wing’s profile to boost downforce production , a trend aided by the W-shaped main profile   .

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