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RB6 – Sidepod panel development in 2010


                       Launch                                              Bahrain

       In a constant seek to improve airflow management around the lower sidepod zone Red Bull launched five versions of its sidepod panels . The launch version panel was quite wide with its lower part inclined inwards . There was also  a triangular vertical floor fence . At Bahrain RB6 had this triangular floor element rejected and featured new panels with a slimmer lower part and a new connection to the mirrors .  



       The third panel version was seen at China with the panel having its width reduced much sooner  as it meet the car floor . This change was made possibly to reduce drag by letting more air pass freely through the inner zone created by the panel and the car body . Finally the panel’s  connection to the car’s body has also been revised .


                             Spain                                                            Turkey


       At Spain the team was forced by rules to inboard the car mirrors so a mirror-less version of the Chinese spec was used . Lastly since Turkey  the RB6 features narrow panels ( fifth version ) , a change possibly triggered by  other car updates taking place also at Turkey .



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