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HRT F110 – Two rear wing specs for Bahrain

 Sakhir – asymmetric wing , tested only


           HRT (like Minardi in the past) did not hesitate to risk at Bahrain by presenting a remarkable asymmetric rear wing profile . Budget limitation can sometimes make mechanics to walk on alternative unexplored paths seeking performance boost . The asymmetric wing featured a larger semi left profile .    


                Why an asymmetric wing ? Because Sakhir circuit features the greatest number of right turns in 2010 calendar . It has 13 right turns and 10 left turns  and thus a larger semi outer to the turn profile  would provide a larger amount of downforce as it is exposed in a stronger airflow in a right turn than the right inner smaller section  ( keeping in mind that a car follows a circular orbit at turns for simplicity with of course variable radius )   . Moreover a half oversized profile would also produce half drag from a respective larger symmetric wing in straights.


   Sakhir – race symmetric spec


           Nevertheless the asymmetric wing after Friday testing did not offer the expected aero gains and was abandoned at race  in favor of a more conventional symmetric design .

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