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Red Bull RB6 – Launch spec diffuser details


        RB6 has a very low rear zone due to its pull rod rear suspension and a double deck diffuser  . There are four large vertical fences (splitters)  in total that divide the diffuser into a central section and four smaller tunnel sections . The venturi channels spotted on the outer diffuser section aim to increase  the speed of air passing close to the wheels in an attempt to reduce turbulence created by wheel’s rotation .

        Diffuser’s main function  is to accelerate the airflow passing under the car body by pulling it, creating low pressure under the car and thus large amounts of downforce with minimum drag penalty . It is not easy for a team to copy a succesful rival team diffuser design as each design feats only to that car and its special characteristics . A brutal copy of the diffuser would probably make the car even slower ! However spying others can inspire mechanics to explore new concepts and structures .

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