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Red Bull RB6 – Front zone evolution at China


         The constant quest for cleaner airflow around and below the car made Red Bull to adopt a small set of vanes under the nose at China to optimize the airflow toward the lower part of the car . Those vanes are placed quite front and are mounted directly under the removable nose cone-front wing combo .


       At China there were also revisions to the front wing and sidepod panels .

RB6 – front wing modifications at China

=>  https://formula1techandart.wordpress.com/2010/09/22/rb6-front-wing-modifications-at-china/

RB6 – Sidepod panel development in 2010

=> https://formula1techandart.wordpress.com/2010/11/09/rb6-sidepod-panel-development-in-2010/



        Firstly the new front  wing’s inner flap shape may still  offer a similar amount of downforce but  now causes significantly less vortexes behind it  . The less disrupted flow of air from the plane is then guided outwards by the outer surface of the  bargeboards . At the same time a clean and undisturbed airflow enters the channel created by the mentioned before set  under the wide and thin nose cone  , is sped up and finally is splitted by the car’s floor extension . One part of air goes under the car’s floor and another one over  the sidepod bottom sides . To decrease drag , because of the speeded up airflow , the team reduced the sidepod  panels width to let more air “bleed” freely through the inner panel-sidepod zone . The improved airflow under the car offers as obvious greater level of downforce .

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