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Red Bull RB7 – Valencia test, 02.02.2011

Driver: Sebastian Vettel (AM) / Mark Webber (PM)
Car: RB7 – 01
Laps: 60 laps in total (Vettel: 43, Webber: 17)
Best time: Vettel: 1:13.614, Webber: 1:17.365
Circuit length: 4.005 km
Fastest lap: F. Alonso (1:13.307)

Red Bull Racing drivers Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber split the driving duties today, with Sebastian driving in the morning, before Mark took over for the afternoon. The team continued testing its all-new RB7 and completed further system checks, as well as focusing on some aerodynamic development work.

Head of Race Engineering, Ian Morgan said: “Sebastian pretty much ran to schedule this morning; there were a few minor delays, but nothing significant. Unfortunately we lost some time changing drivers this afternoon due to some driver installation issues. Once Mark’s testing session got underway, he was able to complete two runs and begin acclimatising to the new car.”

Mark Webber said: “I didn’t get so long in the car today, so we will start the real work tomorrow. There was a bit of a problem with the installation, something with the pedals, so it took a bit longer than we expected. It wasn’t the smoothest day, but we’re back tomorrow – it’s great that the guys have got the car here for the first test and I’m looking forward to driving it more.”






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