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Sauber C30 – Test in Valencia, 03.02.2011

Sauber F1 Team

Press release
Test in Valencia – Day three
Valencia, 3rd February 2011 – Sergio Pérez and the Sauber F1 Team enjoyed a very productive third day of testing in Valencia with the new Sauber C30-Ferrari covering over 100 laps in ideal track conditions.
Circuit Ricardo Tormo / 4.004 km
Sergio Pérez (MX)
Sunny and dry, air 17°C, track 25-29°C
Chassis / engine
C30.02 / Ferrari 056
Mileage today
103 laps
Fastest lap
1:14.458 min
James Key
(Technical Director)
“It was a much better day today and we covered over 100 laps. It was good for Sergio to spend lot more more time in the car and with the team. He has already learnt a lot and did a good job. Having had more time working with the car, we have been able to start changing the set up to match the tyres better, which is giving us some useful directions for the next test. We have also been using different tyre compounds for the first time and the super soft is very fast on the first lap, but degrades quickly. Meanwhile the medium compound is faster than we thought over the first lap, but certainly more consistent. Now we head to Jerez where we will start to introduce new development parts.”
Sergio Pérez
“I’m very happy with how things went today. It was a busy day and I learnt a lot about the systems and the car, while the team also collected a lot of information. We will keep working hard to improve – me personally from a driver’s perspective and all together, of course, with regards to the car. I’m already very much looking forward to the next test in Jerez and can’t wait to run the C30 again.”
What comes next
The next pre-season test will take place in Jerez (ES) and see Sergio Pérez driving the Sauber C30-Ferrari on February 10th and 11th. Kamui Kobayashi will take over driving duties for the 12th and 13th February.
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Sergio – C30 – Valencia
3543 x 2362 – 0.77 MB
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Sergio – Valencia
2362 x 3543 – 0.87 MB
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