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Toro Rosso STR6 – Small teams do innovate


The new STR6 may look very similar to the STR5 even in details but a closer look reveals that many parts of the car are refined and also a surprising innovation from the team , the reincarnation of the twin floor originally featured by Ferrari F92A . Maybe 2011 will be the last season for the team as we know it because  Red Bull Racing owner revealed the last few months his intention to sell the team


Front Zone – Nose


The nose practically retains many characteristics from the STR5 , like the U-raised upper section but less deep now , inclined forward nose pillars but also some changes took place with the nose winglets to be removed backwards away from the nose tip and the skirts under the nose to be rejected . Probably the later changes are connected to how the STR6 twin floor functions .



Many similarities between the STR6 – STR5 suspension geometry are also obvious despite the tyre change from Bridgestone to Pirelli , with the steering axis also to be retained between the wishbones .


Car middle section


It is very hard to differ STR6 airbox zone from the STR5 one . Both have identical inlets to feed the engine with air and a pair of inclined outwards pillars . It is worthy to mention that in both cars the driver sits quite high with his head to exit quite above the head support . A high driver’s position which may offer a better visibility but cause a small raise to the COG and effects negatively the air entering above the helmet and into the airbox inlet . Maybe the KERS extra weight placed low on the chassis balances any raise of the COG caused by the higher driver body sitting .


Another change forced by the 2011 rules is also the ban of the shark fin connection to the rear wing and thus Toro Ross opted for a simpler totally shark fin-less cover . It would be no surprise to see some teams , including Toro Rosso ,  developing  a more sophisticated and complex engine cover focusing mainly on improving cooling efficiency




The trend and challenge for all teams is to make  the sidepod bottoms slimmer in order to improve the airflow towards the rear . This trend was decelerated  or even reversed in some occasions due to the refueling ban rule taking effect since 2010 (because 2010 cars had to carry twice as large fuel cells )  . The same was expected to happen also in 2011 due to KERS re-installation back to the cars but apparently Toro Rosso found the way to develop the slimmer sidepod bottom design and even evolve it to the next level . Instead of making the bottoms thinner Toro Rosso shifted up a little the engine radiators to make room underneath the sidepods forming a channel .



The higher placement of the radiators can be externally noticed by the fact that the sidepods form a V angle towards the car centre. This solution for sure rises a bit the Centre Of Gravity , something negative for a car , but provides a far better aero efficiency .



The STR6 bargeboards stand also shorter compared to STR5  to permit a larger quantity of airstream underneath the sidepods  , an airstream which is further energized by the exhausts emissions blowing close to the floor, to maximize the aero efficiency of this twin floor configuration .


Rear zone


The whole rear section is much lower and slimmer while the double deck diffuser is replaced by a single deck , a changed forced by the new 2011 rules regarding diffuser dimensions to restrict downforce production . Lastly the rear suspension remains pull rod .



Engine – KERS


Ferrari engine will power the STR6 like did before and furthermore part of the engine supply agreement between the two teams includes also  the Ferrari’s KERSystem supply to Toro Rosso , but only as customer version .




Pirelli took Bridgestone place


  1. Steve Pham
    February 22, 2011 at 9:04 am

    A car that will be fighting for P4-P6. Even quicker on the high speed tracks.

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