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Sauber F1 Team – Interview with Sergio Pérez

Sauber F1 Team
Press release
Interview with Sergio Pérez
Hinwil, 17th February 2011 – The 21-year old Sauber F1 Team driver Sergio Pérez faces his Rookie season in Formula One. After driving the Sauber C30-Ferrari in Valencia and Jerez, the Mexican shares his thoughts.
How did testing go so far?
Sergio Pérez: “Those four days of testing have been very good for me. I have adapted to the car and the team well. I feel more comfortable everytime I jump in the car. I’m also getting more and more familiar with all the procedures. So I’m really looking forward to the next test in Barcelona and to the start of the season, where I need to gain a lot of experience in order to be up where I want to be.”
What was the most important thing you have learnt?
Pérez: “It would not be right to just mention one thing. I have learnt a lot in many different areas: the different tyre compounds, the car as a whole, all the various procedures and the work with the engineers. All together it’s really many areas where I’m constantly improving.”
What is the most difficult aspect for a driver who is new to Formula One?
Pérez: “Maybe it’s the tyres, especially the different compounds. When you are driving on the track the behavior of the tyres and the car is changing constantly, which means you have to adapt all the time and I think this also comes with experience.”
One day in Valencia you covered 103 laps – how was that for you physically?
Pérez: “It wasn’t a problem. I’m physically in good shape. I’ve done a lot of training over recent months. So I feel I’m well prepared for the next tests and then the season opener in Bahrain. I was able to complete a lot of laps so I’m ready on the physical side.”
It is a lot of work – but is it also fun?
Pérez: “Of course it’s fun! Driving a Formula One car is awesome! I feel great being in Formula One and I’m enjoying every single lap. So, yes, it’s hard work but also great fun!”
After the Barcelona test you will be going to your home town Guadalajara in Mexico for a road show on 26th February – what can you tell us about that?
Pérez: “This will be a very special day for me, being at home with my family and all my friends, and running the Formula One car in the city. This will be an additional boost for my motivation before leaving for Bahrain.”
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credit: Sauber F1 team

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