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Red Bull RB7 – Barcelona test , day 2

Driver: Sebastian Vettel
Car: RB7 – 01
Laps: 104
Best time: 1:23.315
Circuit length: 4.655km
Fastest lap: S. Vettel (see above)

Red Bull Racing’s Sebastian Vettel went quickest again today day as the team continued work on the second day of its test weekend in Barcelona. Today, with race team personnel present, the team aimed to get through simulations of a race weekend P3, qualifying session and a race simulation.

The work largely went according to plan as Head of Race Engineering, Ian Morgan, explains: “Generally it was good today and we got through almost everything we wanted to. We had a few small problems, such as an issue with a heat shield. But that’s why we do these tests, to iron out any little problems, and generally the simulations went well.” Mark Webber will take over driving duties tomorrow, when the team will run a similar programme to today. “The weather is forecast to deteriorate a bit overnight, which may make it difficult to run the simulations, but hopefully we can do the same simulations with Mark that we did with Seb today.”



credit : Red Bull Racing



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