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Sauber F1 Team – Test in Barcelona , Day two

Sauber F1 Team

Press release
Test in Barcelona – Day two

Barcelona, 19th February 2011 – On his second day of testing in Barcelona Kamui Kobayashi enyojed a trouble free day at the wheel of the Sauber C30-Ferrari. With a total of 125 laps he was able to complete a comprehensive programme.

Barcelona / 4.655 km
Kamui Kobayashi (JP)
Sunny, partly overcast, air 6 -17°C, track 7-19°C
Chassis / engine
C30.02 / Ferrari 056
Mileage today
125 laps
Fastest lap
1:24.243 min (in the afternoon)
James Key
(Technical Director)
“We completed 125 laps, which is good. It was a case of working through some programmes to understand more about the tyres. Barcelona is a good track to get a handle on tyres, but the cold condtions this morning made it a little tricky with high wear on the front tyres, although this was probably not unique to us. We ran through a race set up programme this morning using all three compounds – hard, medium and soft – to get an overview of the longevity of their performance. This also allowed Kamui to work on managing the tyres from a driver’s perspective. In the afternoon we worked on the set-up and used a new package to improve mechanical grip, and this looks okay. We also worked with the different compounds, but this time with set-up changes between them to understand better their one lap performance, although it wasn’t a qualifying simulation. We recovered well after a slightly tricky day yesterday, and Kamui did a very good job.”
Kamui Kobayashi:
“We had no technical problems at all, and I think this was the first time we were able to complete the whole programme. We worked on the set-up, and we now have a better understanding of the tyres. We collected a lot of data, and I’m happy with what we achieved today.”
What comes next
Sergio Pérez will take over for the final two days of testing in Barcelona.
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Kamui – C30 – Barcelona
3543 x 2362 – 0.87 MB
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Kamui – C30 – Barcelona
3543 x 2362 – 0.89 MB
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Kamui – C30 – Barcelona
3543 x 2362 – 1.31 MB


credit : Sauber F1 team

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