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Lotus Renault R31 – Innovative forward exhausts

A great novelty as regards Renault exhausts , proving that stricter rules can not ban creative spirit in Formula 1 but to redirect it exploring new innovative ways  .So Renault instead of finding a way to bend the rules and  blow the diffuser with hot exhaust emissions either through the sides or through the engine starter hole  ,decided to construct forward blowing exhausts !  The innovative forward exhaust pipes have an elbow ending configuration to blow under the chassis and energize airflow under the floor and towards the diffuser .  To prevent any floor toasting close to the exhaust pipe opening Renault placed a metal heat cover and also tested in some occasions heat sensitive green stripes under the floor or red stripes over it to check any heat issues rising from this configuration .

  1. papadee
    November 26, 2011 at 5:14 pm

    Pity not to see another team to copy that brilliant idea but i guess that is because forward exhausts are banned for 2012 .That’s frustrating because i hate to see FIA ban new ideas . Not to forget a big BRAVO to Renault for running such a system despite the difficulties the team faced during season .

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