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Sauber C30 – Sidepod chimney addition


Like  all teams so Sauber tested an upgraded version of its car in last pre-season test . One of the upgrades is spotted on the front sidepod area where a chimney-style fence is added right inside the panel . The top of the fence is detachable and can be removed transforming it into a useful chimney improving cooling efficiency in hot conditions . Apart from aiding cooling the chimney also aims restricting airflow over the sidepods and preventing flow bleeding around them  .

The sidepod chimneys were retained in Melbourne with the right only to be fully opened while the left one was sealed . That asymmetric approach in cooling may suggest that the oil tank is housed inside the right sidepod but yet had to be confirmed .

Finally Sauber C30 like C29 continues to have a small duct inside the right sidepod inlet probably to cool down chassis electronics or even KERS components .


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