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Williams FW33 – Front wing evolution from launch to Turkey



   As all teams are accustomed to so Williams revised its front wing before season kick start in Australia with the new version to have new endplates , which offered drag reduction . Barrichello even tested a new front wing spec ( the third version since launch) , an option not chosen for Melbourne  race though. This was about to change in Malaysia where both Williams drivers raced the new wing which offered even less drag created by the tyres profile at very long twin straights of Sepang circuit .

      Williams seem to sunk deeper and deeper in crisis of performance lack , with Sam Michael stepping down from Technical director at the end of season . For that reason and to reverse negative climate major upgrades are expected soon from the team  including a new diffuser along with a new exhaust blown diffuser configuration that will improve laptime by a significant amount


Barcelona , last pre-season test and Melbourne

Williams front wing endplates are mainly consisted of three parts . The first one (in yellow) was revised  in Melbourne to provide a larger volume for the air flowing inside the endplate surface , reducing drag. Furthermore the additional triangular horizontal fin at the rear top of the endplate improves further airflow management close to the wheels profile .

  3rd  Version tested by Barrichello at season debut at Melbourne and being used since Sepang

The wing has an additional outer mini fence bending outwards  ( yellow arrow) and a deep cut at the bottom of the first endplate element  (marked in red arrow) to encourage further drag reduction .


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