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Williams FW33 – New lower downforce front wing


       A new lower downforce front wing spec was put under test in Canada but both drivers were forced to abandon it in wet slippery race conditions choosing the higher downforce  former spec which ensured better grip . The new spec was again tested in Valencia but  yet not used in race .

       The new spec is totally new speaking for both the endplates and flaps .  It is still triple profiled with the main flap to be raised higher close to the endplates and to be half length slotted (1) compared to the fully slotted former design .Another change took place to the extension of the endplate horizontal section under the flaps . The new one is shorter and features an additional L-shaped element (2) . The endplate is simpler and lacks both the extra low height outer vertical  fence (3) and the triangular horizontal fin at the rear top of the endplate (4) . Finally the flaps are reshaped having  less curvy inner tips (5) and a shorter flap separator (6) .

          All  changes aim to accelerate air flowing under the flaps close to the endplates to boost downforce production close to endplates (thus the inner section of the third flap remains higher than the inner section like the old spec => https://formula1techandart.wordpress.com/2011/07/20/williams-fw33-separated-flap-front-wing-concept/ ) so as to counterside the less downforce produced by the new flaps which by their side offer a cleaner airflow towards the car body behind .

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