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2011 Hungarian Grand Prix Preview – Hungaroring

The Hungaroring is a long established circuit which the teams know well. It’s a fairly low speed track with lots of medium and low speed corners, but all of them are quite flowing rather than stop start. It’s one of the high downforce circuits during the year. Not as high as Monaco, but certainly higher than the majority of circuits . It will be an interesting event because teams will have the soft and super soft tyre compounds, which they haven’t run since Canada. These are tyres which  will work very well there. It is usually fairly hot there, so the ambient and track temperatures play a role in the way the tyres work and how you have to operate your car. It’s also a track which has never been particularly easy for overtaking, so qualifying and race strategy will probably play quite an important part. If the temperatures are high, and tyre degradation is also high we could well see a number of different strategies being played out.

Circuit Hungaroring / 4.381 km
Race distance 70 laps / 306.630 km

Tyre wear: Medium/high
Brake wear: High
Downforce level: Very high
Schedule Qualifying and Race at 14:00 hrs local time (12:00 hrs GMT)

credit : Sauber F1 Team



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