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HRT F111 – Rear axle winglets revisions

Australia and Malaysia– asymmetric

     It is very interesting to investigate HRT rear brake winglets development over season, which reflects in some occasions the different driving style between the two drivers of the team . Initially the F111 run with asymmetric winglets (red arrows).This asymmetric configuration offers sufficient grip to the inner rear car side, which is shadowed in a right hand turn , something important to reduce rear pitch sensitivity having in mind that both  Melbourne and Sepang circuits feature more right hand turns than left ( 10R/6L  , 10R/5L  respectively) .

China – Karthikeyan

China – Liuzzi

    Later the season at China two versions of symmetric configurations were applied on the rear axle. More experienced Liuzzi raced with single winglets while Karthikeyan raced with double winglets which offered a more stable rear end .

since Turkey

   Finally since Turkey both drivers race with symmetric rear axle winglets but increased in number up to three elements at each side . The brake winglets are considered to be part of the braking system and as long as they are within FIA dimension rules are considered to be legal .


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