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Mercedes GP W02 – Further diffuser changes at Spain

       Further updates  on W02 pushed diffuser development into a new step to cope better with new aerodynamic needs of the chassis . The new diffuser not only has a new shape but is also built differently allowing the abomination of the metallic cables which increased rear floor-diffuser stiffness , offering a cleaner path and less obstacles to airflow .  


 pre Spain

  Spain , (all changes in yellow)

      The crucial central zone of the diffuser is modified to the former boxy launch version .Nevertheless it is not identical to launch spec as changes took place especially on the engine starter holes. Additionally the longer fences which separate the central zone from the side tunnels now have a leaning inwards attachment on the diffuser roof to restrict as possible mixing of the flow coming from the centre with the one coming from the sides tunnels leading to wicker vortexes formations and thus less drag .

  flow visualizing 

       The power of the diffuser to pull air from under the floor is also strengthened by the higher square tab fence under the rear crash structure which extends up to the light .

      As regards the exhaust pipes,they are placed since China a bit outwards combined also with new rear floor fences , both causing diffuser roof to regain back the side tabs but of a smaller width this time compared to launch spec . The side tabs prevent strong mixing of hot air from exhausts, which aim now closer to the wheels ,  with cool air coming from under the floor . Any interaction between the two flows will create  powerful vortexes which will be affected further by the wheel rotation leading to serious drag increase . Finally the endplates are supported on additional pillars onto the diffuser , not only to increase stiffness decreasing vibrations but also to isolate airflow coming under the beam wing from that coming close to the wheels .

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