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Preview – Korean Grand Prix


Track location : Yeongam,South Jeolla , 400 kilometres south of Seoul and near the port city of Mokpo

  • Circuit Length   5,621  kms ( 3.492 mi)
  • Circuit Turns  23
  • Circuit Direction anti-clockwise


Lap record :   1.50.257 , Fernando Alonso – Ferrari 2010




Technical view with James Key, Technical Director of Sauber :
We have got some quite good memories of Korea from last year. It’s obviously a neat track. It took a bit of work with the very low grip levels on the very fresh tarmac, but, once the track rubbered in, it turned out to be a good circuit which the drivers liked. It seemed to be quite technical with two long straights, but then you’ve got the relatively winding sector towards the end of the lap, and then some high speed corners before the last straight. So it’s a really good mix of corner speeds that will probably require quite a different set-up compared to what we were using in Suzuka. Last year it was extremely wet, therefore we haven’t experienced a full race distance in the dry, so we don’t fully know what to expect from the tyres, which will be the super soft and the soft compounds. We don’t know how green the track will be in the beginning, so we’ll have to see the track evolution during the weekend and try to allow for that. Concerning the car, we will continue to develop the package we introduced in Suzuka. We’ll have some small additional follow up development items for introduction in Korea. I hope we can carry on the momentum we found in Suzuka.

 credit : Sauber F1 Team 

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