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Ferrari F150o – totally new front wing in Turkey

                The new front wing which was tested in China and arrived at Turkey was totally new both regarding  flaps and endplates. Firstly the double flap separators are redesigned ( No1 and No 2) with the combo close to the endplates  connecting all three flaps instead of only the two upper ones like it did before . Another minor change is spotted on the main profile itself having now  a slightly reshaped design close to the endplates (No 3) .

Speaking for the endplates they are now thinner and more outwards curved with reshaped rear bottom end to divert better air away from the wheels profile (No 4 and No 6)  . The two upper flaps have a wider inner profile (No 5) for extra downforce and furthermore there is an additional small vertical flow separator on the third flap close to the endplates (No 7). Finally the nose pillars line better to the nose vanes behind them in a way to increase flow pressure under the nose .

           The wing undersurface has shark type “denticles” to prevent flow detachment increasing wing’s effectiveness especially in steeper angles . Bio mimetic approach  is not new in Formula 1 with the shark cooling gills being the most obvious example to consider (also introduced by Ferrari back in 2003) .

           It worth’s mentioning that  the inside pillars cameras position was rejected for Turkey , seeing the cameras back on their former position at nose cone sides . Finally the new wing triggered modifications to the front brake ducts .


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