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Red Bull RB7 – rear wing, launch spec details

      RB7 raced the same rear wing spec from launch to Monaco despite the fact that rival top teams moved to updates of their wing . Of course some flap angle adjustments took place but are irrelevant to structure changes  . This sounds bizarre especially for a team which won the championship last season and won it again this season too .

         Lack of development may well reveal lack of sources but not for Red Bull case .It can be well explained by looking closely on the clever design the wing features that needed not any refinements .

     The DRS mechanism is very  efficient due to three major factors , first the short chord of the movable second flap , secondly the way the mechanism is housed and  functions and lastly the horizontal axis which permits the flap to move upwards and downwards letting the team at the same time to perform adjustments on the wing itself (see circular inlets). To increase the amount of downforce produced by the smaller flap , there is tab across the trailing edge while the V-cut in the middle cut drag .

     The strongest argument of all is the fact that  Ferrari and Mc Laren at midseason reverted their DRS to look alike Red Bull’s .

PS = At Spain there were changes at endplates bottoms. Furthermore angle attack adjustments are not considered to be revisions, for example the lower attack angle at Turkey and the higher at Spain and Monaco the flaps featured respectively.





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