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Ferrari F150o – New front wing for Alonso only in Korea

  Korean GP

     Having in mind the 2012 season ahead Ferrari put on Alonso’s car at Korea a totally new double profiled front wing while Massa kept the previous version . The new design was different in all aspects such as planes , endplates and even cascade winglets .

        Starting from the main plane it is now much flatter (No1) and slotted (No2) to allow steeper attack angles reducing  chances of wing stalling loosing grip and causing understeer .Close to the endplates the plane rises differently  forming a more distinct venturi channel (No3) to speed up flow more efficiently increasing the efficiency of the bottom of the car at the same time .The upper plane is also changed (No4) loosing the former polygonal shape  .

        As regards the endplates , they are deeper and larger vented (No5) to turn flow more effectively around the tyre profile , because they now lack the extra vertical outer fence . Another significant change is spotted on the endplate bottom (No6) which is not sloping outwards like it did before but has a curvy shape with the bottom now shifted outwards on the horizontal endplate floor to expand a bit the length of the wing profile . Finally the small horizontal triangular fin at the rear top of the endplate (No7)  improves airflow management close to the wheels .

      Cascade winglets are also new , with the first inner one to be larger and shaped differently with its leading edge dropping downwards (No8) close to endplate surface instead of curving upwards to raise the amount of downforce produced  . The cascade mounting pillar is also revised (No9) .


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