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Team Lotus T128 technical Specifications

Chassis material: Carbon Fibre
Bodywork material: Carbon Fibre
Suspension: Carbon Fibre wishbones, push rod in front, pull rod in rear
Rear Suspension: Carbon Fibre
Dampers: Penske & Multimatic
Steering: Team Lotus
Gearbox: Red Bull Technologies
Clutch: AP
Brake discs and pads: Carbone Industrie or Hitco
Brake calipers: AP
Cooling system (radiators, heat exchangers): Team Lotus
Cockpit instrumentation: MES (as mandated by the FIA)
Seat belts: Schroth
Steering wheel: Team Lotus
Driver’s seat: Team Lotus
Extinguisher system: FEV
Wheels: BBS to Team Lotus Specification
Fuel cell: ATL
Battery: Yuasa
Fuel provider: Total
Lubricants provider: Various
Wheel base: More than 3000 mm
Overall Length: Approx 5 metres
Overall Height: 950mm


Designation: Renault RS27-2011
Capacity: 2400 cc
Architecture: 90° V8
Weight: 95 kg
Max rpm: 18,000 rpm

source : F1technical.net

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