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New front wing at Singapore for RB7



After having experimented with two low drag wings in Monza, the RB7 had for Singapore further updates to its front wing to meet the needs of city roads of Marina bay circuit  .

This time the second flap had a new shape and gurney tab covering the entire length of the flap (No3) . The main flap is now double stepped  both close to endplates and central wing’s neutral section . The channels created under the flap, because of the stepped design, numbered 1 and 2 may rely on the same Venturi principle but serving different purposes  with No 1 to improve floor’s aerodynamic efficiency , while No2 to cut drag . Furthermore the main flap is extended  a bit  to the endplates  to generate more downforce and that changed the way it is attached to the endplates body (No4) . Additionally the “Γ’’ shaped arches presented at Monza were also retained (No5) .

The upper double profiled deck  is also larger and shaped differently (No6) with its leading edge to rise upwards close to the endplates. It gives me the impression that the new upper decks are now more efficient to capture air when cornering while this ability is restricted at straights favoring drag reduction and it is really amazing the way Red Bull pays attention to even minor details .




Finally the upper section of the endplate surface is moved outer (No7) to meet with the larger dimensions of the upper deck and also is perforated differently (No8) .


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