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Sauber C31 – Rear beam wing

       Exhaust blown diffuser ban had a big negative impact on rear downforce production . Thus Sauber optimized as possible the rear zone  to gain some of the lost rear grip by making the rear zone even tighter and shorter  . One element that was redesigned carefully is the beam wing which has a more aggressive attack angle . That alone pushed the team to develop top mountings (in yellow) to clean from airflow disruption the lower pressure undersurface of the wing which is more sensitive and crucial for downforce production .The Sauber C30 of last season  had a more conventional configuration with the beam plane being connected from its under surface onto the top of the rear structure . Williams had last season an even more radical approach , a central mount-less beam wing which was only attached on the endplates .

      Top mountings is not something new and are already seen on other forms of racing and also on Marussia Virgin’s car the previous  season .




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