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Ferrari F138 – winter testing (pre season) tech summary

Ferrari F138 SV Jerez 1

Chassis :  F138

Engine :Ferrari typo 056


    Ferrari eager to claim the champions from the start of the season and F138 seems capable of playing that role . On the contrary F2012 faced serious performance issues from its first day on track . The most eye catching features on the new F138 is the large chassis duct under the nose to feed chassis electronics with cooling air and  improve the undernose aerodynamic efficiency at the same time , oversized front wing pillars and vaned rear wing endplates . Detailed changes to the design of the front and rear brake ducts  also occurred .  Finally the driveshaft is also housed inside the lower wishbone of the rear suspension system for drag reduction like Mc Laren, Mercedes  and Red Bull .

Winter testing updates :

     Ferrari practiced every possible aid to collect and evaluate track data , such as pitot rakes , fluorescent paint and sensors housed around the car . All the previous mentioned come and gone according to testing needs . However a heat sensor is planted permanently  inside the support of  sidepod panel to monitor front tyre temperature.

    Speaking about the changes that took place from launch the major ones are the following

– at Jerez Ferrari tried cockpit gills to aid cooling and a new wider chassis duct to aid cockpit ventilation

– at Barcelona test on February the exhausts pipeline gained an additional support to decrease vibration and a revised engine cover to improve cooling further.

– at last pre season test at Barcelona numerous updates added on the car including  a new front wing , longitudinally vanes on nose cone sides, revised exhaust outlets , new diffuser and rear wing .




Aerodynamic performance :  seems to have overcome last season rear end stability issues

Speed :. Very fast on low fuel load but average on long runs under heavy fuel load

Tyres management  :   quite consistent but suffers  degradation leading to significant and gradually  lap time loss . The problem seems to be worse on medium and hard compound

Reliability  :  overheating issues came up at Jerez but seems to be gone now. Massa also suffered a suspension upright failure




Ferrari F138 RW Winter 1

Vaned rear wing endplates                      


Ferrari F138 SI Winter 1

 – Internal ducts to feed different components inside the sidepod tunnels

– a heat sensor is planted permanently  inside the support of  sidepod

 panel to monitor front tyre temperature.




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