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Lotus E21 – winter testing (pre season) tech summary

Lotus E21 SV Launch 12 F

Chassis :  E21

Engine : Renault  RS27 – 2013



     From a first glimpse the new E21 looks very similar to last season successful E20 with the most obvious change to be the altered livery which has large areas covered in red color . However a closer observation reveals literally numerous small revisions . Interesting parts on the car are the retain of the stepped nose which is likely to be covered with a modesty panel in future, the curved T tray support, Red Bullish exhaust ramp ,  tunneled sidepods, expanded diffuser sides and a three ducted airbox .

Winter testing updates :

  At Jerez Lotus covered the whole rear floor with thermal stickers to track down the route of the exhaust flow across the diffuser sides . Additionally the exhaust coanda channel made of carbon was replaced by a metallic revised one . This happened probably because metallic surfaces possesses satisfactory antifriction properties thus a more predictable exhaust flow to seal the diffuser sides and exhibit minor ware due to heat but are much heavier than carbon .  The horizontal slat on top of the sidepods was reduced in  length , starts from the cockpit sides and does not reach anymore the sidepod panels . It helps to reduce the lift created by the sidepods  . Fluorescent paint was also utilized to examine the flow around the car body , the wings and the rear end .

    At Barcelona tests E21 had a new set of bargeboards which now consist of multi elements instead of a single piece . A blown rear wing project reappeared similar to last season to help decrease drag. It was also the right time for Lotus to examine further the new Pirelli tyres, which are considerably different in 2013. For this cause the team fixed a wheel force transducer on the rear axle in an attempt to study the longitudinal and lateral forces applied on the wheel-tyre .




Aerodynamic performance :  guarantee a very stable and predictable car with enough traction on both braking and accelerating.

Speed :.  excellent  on long runs but yet not on top on a single fast lap

Tyres management  :   excellent with each one of  different Pirelli compounds under any fuel load

Reliability  :  raises worries



Lotus E21 T Tray Winter 11

T tray has a curved support to the chassis above



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