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Mercedes W04 – winter testing (pre season) tech summary

Mercedes W04 SV Jerez 18 F

Chassis :  W04

Engine : Mercedes-Benz FO 108F


    The new W04 has higher mirrors to improve rear view , redesigned  airbox zone, reshaped sidepods, reworked  thermal management, multiple chassis vanes ala Ferrari, Coanda exhausts, a more traditional DRS, a more aggressively packaged rear end, a circular modesty panel on the nose and retains the front push rod suspension refusing to follow Ferrari and Mac laren example .

Winter testing updates :

     At least three different rear wing specs were tested , one combined with a blown wing system to cut drag very similar to the one seen last season . A more complicated front wing also hit track  while the exhaust zone  also been reconstructed to ensure a better heat protection .


Aerodynamic performance :  guarantee a predictable car and very promising on development

Speed :.  Very fast on low fuel

Tyres management  :   problems rises on long runs but by far in a better shape than last season

Reliability  :  insignificant overheating issues , good but still questionable


Mercedes W04 FW Jerez 14 F

The new front wing is now 5 planed 

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