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Sauber C32 – winter testing (pre season) tech summary

Sauber C32 SV Jerez 19 F

Chassis :  C32

Engine : Ferrari typo 056



     The C32 is a refined version of the 2012- C31 with the most obvious changes to be spotted on the extra slim and innovative sidepods , lower nose height and the clever interpretation of the modesty panel, which in Sauber case has an interesting “Π” shape. The nose S-duct also remains on the new car . Ferrari continues to supply the team with the engine , KERS and gearbox .

Winter testing updates :

   Two new rear wings came up at first Barcelona test, one with flat planes and another with spoon curved . Finally a modified diffuser was tested at second Barcelona test . It seems however that the innovative slim sidepods cause the exhaust gases exiting from the Coanda exhauts  to bent inwards more than it is needed , ruining somehow the optimum efficiency of the Coanda exhausts that the designers aimed to .




Aerodynamic performance :  above average

Speed :.  Promising but seems to be insufficient to challenge the top teams

Tyres management  :   well , even better at short runs

Reliability  :  technical issues occurred , the team believes they will be wiped out till Melbourne



Sauber C32 S Winter test 1 F

 innovative slim sidepods




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