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Williams FW35 – winter testing (pre season) tech summary

Williams FW35 SV Launch 1

Chassis :  FW35

Engine : Renault  RS27 – 2013



     Williams was the last team to present its 2013 contester, the FW35, choosing to gain extra time to perfect the design of the new car but loose real track time as the new car missed the first pre session test. The car is an aggressive evolution of the FW34 with more than 80% of the parts to be new . It has an almost “invisible” rear end due to its literally tiny gearbox. Williams started a tiny gearbox program  two seasons ago and it is really ridiculous to see rivals not to try a similar project. Apart from the above , the car features radical front brake system with blown axle, Coanda channeled exhausts with a vane on top which was later considered illegal, a high nose with longitudinal vanes on sides and oversized curved front wing pillars.

Winter testing updates :

   At Jerez Williams tested with two FW34 hybrid car versions , one with a modesty panel and one without . Both versions carried parts from the new FW35  .

    At second Barcelona test the Mc Larenish Coanda exhausts were dropped in favor of ramp exhausts and tunneled sidepods like the ones Red Bull and Lotus have . Revised blown front brakes also put under test .




Aerodynamic performance :  average but promising

Speed :.  Not on top but could be in certain circumstances

Tyres management  :   well but work need to be done

Reliability  :  questionable





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