Ferrari 049

ferrari logo

Chassis: F1-2000

Season: 2000

Total Displacement:2,997 cc

Configuration :V10

Cylinder angle :90°

Timing Gear:pneumatic valve gear, 40 valves

Valvesprings: Pnuematic pressurised to 200 bar

Evolution :there were at least two evolutions of the engines the 049B and 049C

Dimensions :  aprox. 600 mm l

Length: 615 to flywheel
Width: 597.6
Height: 365.5

Bore: 96.0
Stroke: 41.4
Conrod: 110.0
Compression ratio: 12.0 to 1

Weight: 100 kg ,  106kg with clutch

Max. Power Output Qualifying-spec : 810-830 bhp , 17.800 rpm

Max. Power Output Race-spec :   over 800 bhp , 17.500 rpm

Materials : die-cast aluminium

Cylinder block: Investment cast aluminium, 7 percent silicon
Cylinder head: Sand cast aluminium
Rocker covers: Investment cast aluminium
Liners: Wet type, nikasil coated alloy
Crankshaft: Vacuum cast extruded billet

Pistons: Mahle forging
Aluminium/beryllium (later banned)
Connecting rod: Forged titanium

Fuel & Lubricant:Shell

Fuel Feed: Magneti Marelli digital electronic injection

Ignition: Magneti Marelli digital electronic ignition

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