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image source: wikipedia

image source: wikipedia


It was an evolution of OX11A of 1996 season, and called the C-spec. It featured a new bottom end with a revised sump, crankshaft, oil pump and water pump

Chassis: Arrows A18

Season: 1997

Total Displacement: 2.996 cc

Configuration : V10

Cylinder angle : 72 vee. DOHC.

Timing Gear: 4 per cylinder

Evolution : OX11A/D spec , it was introduced at Imola and featured a new top end with revised cylinder heads, new camshafts, valves, intake system and pneumatic valvegear.

Weight: 105 kg (dry)

Dimensions :

Length: 575 mm

Height: 373 mm

Width: 499 mm

Max. Power Output:

C spec over 700 bhp , 14.000 rpm , produce more power than OX11A by reducing the internal friction losses

D spec around 725 bhp because airflow to and from the combustion chambers was improved

Fuel:  Petroscience

Oil: Elf

Ignition: Magneti-Marelli

Sparking plugs: NGK

Electronics: Zytek


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