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2014 Engine packaging



Renault-2014-F1-Power anatomy small


Image credit: Renault F1


–          The turbo intercooler keeps charge pressure temperature within the allowed window

–          Turbo air inlet feeds the turbocharger with colder air , improving engine’s power output

–          MGU K (motor generator unit kinetic) harvests energy under braking and also provides a power boost of 160 bhp

–          Energy store batteries are now placed under the fuel cell , must weight between 20 and 25 kg.

–          MGU H (motor generator unit heat) harvests energy from the turbo turbine that can be both stored in batteries or used immediately by the MGU K

–          The central final exhaust pipe exits above the gearbox

–          The oil tank continues to be placed in front of the engine . Its shape and dimensions are dictated by engine’s needs and overall packaging


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