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Toro Rosso STR9 Launch analysis

   Scuderia Toro Rosso launched its 2014 contender, coded STR9, in the Jerez pitlane on 27th January .

Key spots analysis on the new car follows

 Toro_Rosso_ThreeQuarter_spots small

1.  STR9 retains a quite high and flat nose which ends to a finger-like  extension in a way to meet somehow the new 2014 nose height regulations. Furthermore the nose tip still is able to maintain an air inlet for cooling electronics housed inside the nose cone. Worries risen as finger extensions may potentially detach from the car, increasing the total amount of harmful flying debris on  front crash conditions .


2. No innovations or interesting spots on the front wing which bears large resemblance to last season .Consequently updated specs are likely to be seen soon

 Toro_Rosso__Front wing small

3.There is a small opening on the nose for aiding cockpit ventilation

 Toro_Rosso_cockpit ventilation

4.Middle zones aero components (vertical sidepod panels and bargeboards) remain quite simple and conservative while the sidepod top surface vanes are now absent on launch version

 Toro_Rosso_ThreeQuarter_bargeboards small

5.Slightly enlarged sidepod inlets as cooling needs in 2014 are increased for all cars

 Toro_Rosso__sidepod inlets COMPARISON small

6.Instead of sculpting  the area underneath the airbox inlet behind driver’s head, Toro Rosso put a large rectangular inlet there to help cooling efficiency. A similar tactic was followed by Mc laren during past. Additionally a small oval additional cooling opening also exists under the rectangular inlet.


7.New supplier of the power unit , changed from Ferrari to Renault

8.   Rear wing is supported on the floor via the lower section of the vertical endplates . That method of mounting increases the effectiveness hence more downforce, but also increases wing’s structural vibration. Above the central exhaust pipeline exit there is also a small arched multi  profiled plane to claw back some of the downforce lost caused from beam wing loss.

 Toro_Rosso_ThreeQuarter_rear wing small

 Rear_Vergne_rear wing small

All images credited to Scuderia Toro Rosso

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