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Ferrari F14T , Front wing analysis – Jerez Test spec

FW Jerez Feb 1 F

    F1T4 front wing, as seen at Jerez, is consisted of three main elements (No 1) accompanied with double profiled wavy cascades (No 2)  and looks rather simplified compared to the one on Red Bull RB10. Endplates keep a Mc Larenish school ducted profile (No 3) with a sophisticated rear end (No 4) to divert air away from the tyre profile. In 2014 air diversion around  the tyre profile is of higher significance due to wing span shrinking by 15 cm  compared to last season. On endplate top there is a horizontal slotted triangular fin (No 5) to contribute to this air bending effect .

    An infra red sensor (No 6), copied from Mercedes, is planted close to the endplate inner surface to monitor tyre temperature. Tyres operate in optimum performance within a certain and relative narrow temperature window . Thus teams need to know at any given time the tyre’s compound temperature and try to correct it if necessary simply by informing driver to alter driving style or via braking bias .

    Finally a ride height sensor continues to exist , indirectly observed from the red laser spot on the floor (No 7 ).

Images credited to scuderia Ferrari 



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