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Caterham CT05, front wing – Jerez spec analysis

FW Jerez test January 2a F small


    Caterham adopted a very thin and low nose tip extension to comply with new technical regulations aiming to drive air under the chassis from nose tip sides rather through the zone between the nose pillars . Only time will reveal whether that nose aero strategy approach is validated optimum or not . Front wing’s structural philosophy seems to undergone a shift from Red Bull school to Mercedes . Caterham CT05  front wing, now reduced in overall length, is loaded compared to last season, with aero tweaks in an attempt to maintain similar amounts of  downforce .  Some interesting spots on the wing are the vertical vanes (No 3 ), the multi-elemental endplate (No 5 ) and double sectioned cascades (No 4) . Under the nose cone a horizontal vane (No 2)  replaces the old channel forming vanes seen on CT03. Its function is  analogous in concept to Williams and Mc Laren snow plough design  raced few years ago .


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