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Marussia M03, nose and front wing – Jerez spec

Motor Racing - Formula One Testing - Day 3 - Jerez, Spain

   In Marussia case the nose ends to an interesting single keel extension with a tip as wide as necessary to obey the necessary minimum cross section dimensions (9000 square mm, highlighted in inset) . The nose keel starts wide but becomes gradually thinner at its tail to encourage more air flow under the nose cone , an approach not followed by  Caterham. I focus on Caterham because it is expected to be the major rival for Marussia for one more season .

    Front wing by first sight looks to share no similarities to last season, considered indeed  a huge step forward for the team. The tier of the wing itself increased close to the endplates to a 7-element one (No 1), while the inner section (No 4) slops downwards keeping with the help of the brake vane located further behind,  a smooth flow under the nose cone. The two Venturi channels (No 2) help to guide airflow away from tyre profile.  Endplates though still are underdeveloped compared to progress done on other wing parts .

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