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Lotus T127 – Wheels


Wheels : BBS to Lotus Spec

Tyres : Bridgestone

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Lotus T127 – Steering wheel


  1. put the gearbox in neutral ( yellow button with N indication )
  2. onboard radio  ( red button with TALK indication )
  3. Safety car deployed  indication
  4. Drink button to activate refreshing liquid flow to driver’s mouth to prevent him from hydration
  5. The red button “PIT” is to apply the speed limiter in the pit lane
  6. Front wing angle attack adjustment
  7. REV button to engage reverse gear . There are several checks to prevent an accidental press off this button on track
  8. Differential control at corner entry
  9. Differential control at corner middle and exit
  10. Modifies the clutch bite point
  11. RPM knob , controls engine revs
  12. REV/MIX knob sets different engine mappings controlling fuel usage and power output


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Lotus T127 – Bargeboards


Lotus T127 has quite simple  triangular shaped bargeboards with  their rear part to be connected directly onto the floor turning vanes . Bargeboards play a key role on managing the airflow to the radiators and around the sidepod bottoms but have less influence on under  floor aero efficiency .

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Lotus T127 – Brakes


Discs : Hitco , made of carbon

Calipers : AP Racing

Pads : Hitco


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Lotus T127 – Front suspension


Zero keel configuration with upper and lower wishbones made of carbon , dampers by Penske , actuated by pushrods . The steering axis is placed in front of the upper wishbone to reduce drag.


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Lotus T127 – Bahraini front wing details


           Lotus wing for sure differs from other new teams front wing designs  not only in complexity but also in elegance and  … sponsorship . It is mainly divided into two  sections , the three outer flaps and the inner double smaller flaps separated from the previous mentioned via a vertical fence .   The inner double profiled section causes less air turbulence and thus improved quality of airflow towards the car underbody while the additional  double profiled cascade winglets provide the needed amount of downforce to preserve enough front grip . The outer little endplate fence divert airflow away from the wheel profile to reduce drag .

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Lotus T127 – Steering wheel details

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