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Mc Laren MP4/25 – Back to Valencia’s front wing spec for both drivers at Italy

December 27, 2010 1 comment


         Both  Hamilton and Button raced the same wing spec at Monza which was similar to the Spa version used by Hamilton , despite the fact that they  chose to use different front wing specs at Spa


Mc Laren MP4/25 – Front suspension details


        The MP4/25 features a keel-less pushrod front suspension design with double wishbones . The steering axis is cleverly placed inside the lower front wishbone to reduce drag and offer a cleaner air flow towards the sidepods .

Mc Laren MP4/25 – Back to Spanish rear wing spec at Hungary


            At slow and high downforce  Hungaroring the team brought back the rear wing spec firstly presented at Spain which produces greater amount of downforce .

Mc Laren MP4/25 – No rear wing change for low downforce Canadian circuit

          At Canada it was surprising to see Mc Laren keeping its Turkish rear wing version  as teams traditionally reduce the rear planes chord in favor of achieving top speed at long straights. For sure Mc Laren’s  revised F-duct system launched there  helped the team to sustain a good top speed .

Mc Laren MP4/25 – Updated Chinese rear wing spec for Turkey


           The rear wing introduced at Turkey regained the pre-Spain main flap profile with the  leading edge  at the central section to be raised up so as to divert more air under the planes (drag and downforce reduction by this configuration ). Furthermore the second flap had its chord being lengthened  at its central section to gain some of the lost downforce  . Apart from the former mentioned,  the endplates slot-gills were also increased in number just like before the Spanish race  .




        Furthermore  the wide inlet in the middle of the main plane and the two more additional smaller ones on either sides were rejected and as a result of  it  the second plane  lost its additional slot at its rear surface  in favor of a single shorthened one . Finally there was a new blowing slot of reduced length of the F-duct system, placed lower.


  Spain & Monaco




           The new rear wing design is not “new”  for Mc laren as it was  extensively used during the past years time and it replaced the maximum downforce rear wing used at Monte Carlo . The new wing may produces less downforce but significantly less drag .

Mc Laren MP4/25 – New rear wing at Spain alongside with an updated F-duct system


            At Spain a new rear wing was introduced with  revised planes and a new connection of the F-duct system’s tube to the wing . There is now a wide inlet in the middle of the main plane and two  additional smaller ones on either sides (yellow arrows ) . These combo of inlets provide with air a slot extending up to all  the plane’s width ( in white No 1 )  and help to  prevent wing’s stalling in high speed and high attack angle . As a result   the F-duct system’s tube connection point  to the wing is now moved further up and shoots air to a modified also slot ( in black No 2 ) , placed above the previous mentioned one . 




            Lastly the endplate itself featured less slots to let less air bleed out of the wing  favouring downforce production .


Mc Laren MP4/25 – Bahraini rear wing details


       Mc Laren’s rear wing features the following major characteristics :

1.The main profile is bending upwards in its middle to divert airflow under the wing and not over, in an attempt to reduce turbulence around the connection point between the shark fin and the plane .

2.Single pillar to ensure wing stiffness

3.At the top of the endplate, there are multiple shark gills

4. Endplates have a deep cut at their rear upper part . That cut helps to reduce drag

5. Gurney tab , differs from the rest red plane as it is in black color

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