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Mc Laren MP4/25 – Back to Valencia’s front wing spec for both drivers at Italy

December 27, 2010 1 comment


         Both  Hamilton and Button raced the same wing spec at Monza which was similar to the Spa version used by Hamilton , despite the fact that they  chose to use different front wing specs at Spa


MP4/25 – Mc Laren drivers preferred to race different front wing specs at Spa


            Button’s Mc Laren was equipped with a modified Hungarian front wing version ( which was by the way first launched at Silverstone )  with the cascade winglets span to be  reduced between the endplates and the additional vertical inner fences . This wing version offer both a  better front grip and a respectably good top speed at long Spa straights because of the cascade planes  length reduction ( less drag ) .


    Hamilton preferred to use the Valencia’s front wing spec

MP4/25 – new front wing at Silverstone


      The new front wing has  a new vertical flap splitter  mounted on the main flap and  onto a point located about the one third of the total main flap length and close to the endplates . This splitter , which houses the  wing adjuster divides not only the main flap into two sections but also the upper cascade element . It is quite interesting to point out that the splitter follows a similar shape pattern to the endplate so the whole design gives the impression that the wing has now two endplates , the usual outer one  and another one inner .

      The main flap has also a new wavy profile , curving upwards both close to the inner endplate-splitter and to the classic endplate  to create a Venturi channel at both inner endplates bottom sides .

  endplate  details

      Lastly the endplates were also revised , having now a new longer upper triangular fin , new second slot which is not divided into two anymore and a more sealed rear surface with a much smaller cut .

      The changes are made to increase the speed of air under the wing and force the inner flap section to generate more downforce .   A logical evolution of the splitter would be to extend it below and behind the flaps to improve the air guidance under the car ( acting as an air fence ) .

MP4/25 – Front wing updates at Spain


               At Catalunya  the new endplates  featured a modified double vented combo , with the second one to be taller and its opening divided by a horizontal splitter , in an attempt to improve airflow management around the front tyres and to increase the quantity of air passing under the car   . Moreover the upper triangular fin  is now flatter and shorter and the endplates rear part lost their vertical boxy profile having now a round and protruding profile to divert airflow away from the tyres frontal surface  . Lastly the points adjustment to the wing angle attack had also been relocated alongside with the flap movable mechanism which is housed inside the endplate .


MP4/25 – Front wing revision at Melbourne due to FIA request

September 22, 2010 1 comment


Mc Laren was forced by FIA to revise the front wing endplates at Australia for safety reasons as their edges ( in yellow color ) were found to be too sharp .


MP4/25 – Bahraini front wing spec


Front wing details  and changes from Launch

1.Modified movable second flap mechanism

2.New simpler bargeboards , having two holes

3.The additional winglets span is now reduced as they do no longer extend over and out of the endplates

4.The air fin stabilizer is now rejected


 The two holes and the outward slopping endplate bottom   increase the air quantity passing under the wing

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