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Toro Rosso STR5 and Red Bull RB6 – Born sisters but grown different


Toro Rosso built its 2010 contender the STR5 using its own sources for the first time rather than copying the designs of the sister Red Bull team.  Nevertheless STR5 is not a completely new car as it bears similarities to the STR4 and the RB6 especially at season start .  The differences were becoming more and more during the season as Red Bull and Toro Rosso followed completely different development paths .


Internal Differences

Toro Rosso   STR5 Red Bull RB6
Engine Ferrari V8  Type 056 Renault V8 RS27 – 2010
Lubricant Shell Helix Ultra Total Group
Oil Shell Total Group
Fuel Shell V-Power Total Group
Brakes Brembo (calipers, pads and discs) Brembo (calipers, pads and discs)
Clutch Sachs triple-plate pull-type AP Racing
Wheels Advanti Racing OZ Racing
Gearbox 7-speed+1 reverse , different from RB6 7-speed+1 reverse
Dampers Sachs


Major visual Differences

Toro Rosso   STR5 Red Bull RB6
Season start Season end Season start Season end
Exhausts periscope Close to floor EBD Close to floor EBD Close to floor EBD , but quite different
Sidepod Panels wide Wide

( no change)

Wide but becoming slimmer to the bottom Slim
Floor large side fences large side fences

( no change)

no side fences no side fences

( no change)

Vented rear floor No vent No vent No vent Double vented
Rear central hot air outlet Smaller elliptical Very Slim across the engine cover end line Large oval shaped Large oval shaped
Front wing Longer cascade winglets Developed but different from RB6 Shorter cascade winglets Heavily developed
Nose cone camera winglets At nose con tip , hammerhead shark configuration , similar to RB6 Nose con tip

( no change)

At nose con tip Behind the front wing’s central section
Nose cone hole Yes ,  a bit larger than the RB6 no Yes , oval shaped yes
Mirrors inboard inboard outboard Inboard
Rear suspension Pull rod design

(different from the RB6)

Pull rod design Pull rod design Pull rod design
F-duct No F-duct Yes , F-duct is air-fed via an inlet located behind the airbox no Yes , F-duct is air-fed via airbox
Under nose cone fences no yes no no
Floor splitter Similar to RB6 with side fences No change with side fences Changed and become more complicated
Diffuser Double decked but different from RB6 Developed Double decked Heavily developed
Rear car end Taller than the RB6 No change Lower than the STR5 No change







Red Bull RB6 – Arched diffuser roof at Valencia ( GP Europe )

January 15, 2011 1 comment


Red Bull launched another new version of the diffuser at Valencia which featured an arched roof compared to the previous flat one . This change came to complete the Canadian spec and was possibly  triggered by the revised EBD already raced since Canada .

Red Bull RB6 – Minor revisions to the diffuser at Canada

          In an attempt to reduce further the  unwanted turbulence created by the rear wheel rotation Red Bull revised the diffuser outer tabs making them having pointed edges .

Red Bull RB6 – Front zone evolution at China


         The constant quest for cleaner airflow around and below the car made Red Bull to adopt a small set of vanes under the nose at China to optimize the airflow toward the lower part of the car . Those vanes are placed quite front and are mounted directly under the removable nose cone-front wing combo .


       At China there were also revisions to the front wing and sidepod panels .

RB6 – front wing modifications at China


RB6 – Sidepod panel development in 2010




        Firstly the new front  wing’s inner flap shape may still  offer a similar amount of downforce but  now causes significantly less vortexes behind it  . The less disrupted flow of air from the plane is then guided outwards by the outer surface of the  bargeboards . At the same time a clean and undisturbed airflow enters the channel created by the mentioned before set  under the wide and thin nose cone  , is sped up and finally is splitted by the car’s floor extension . One part of air goes under the car’s floor and another one over  the sidepod bottom sides . To decrease drag , because of the speeded up airflow , the team reduced the sidepod  panels width to let more air “bleed” freely through the inner panel-sidepod zone . The improved airflow under the car offers as obvious greater level of downforce .

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Red Bull RB6 – Updated diffuser central zone at Spain


      RB6 had new exhaust outlets and vented rear floor at Catalunya , changes that affect a lot how diffuser is functioning and so  Red Bull had to revise also the diffuser itself . The new structure had a more boxy shape to the central zone and a reduced opening between the wall and the rear structure to cope better with the changes made .

Red Bull RB6 – Inboard mirrors since Spain

  pre- Spain


     Red Bull was one of the many 2010  teams  to revert to inboard mirrors since Spain due to FIA mirror outboard ban regulation .


  since Spain

Red Bull RB6 – Rear wing , Bahraini spec

            RB6 rear wing can well be considered as an evolution of the last season’s  RB5 standard version . The most obvious changes though are the reshaped endplate gills and the slotted second flap .

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