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RB6 – new front wing for Turkey

              New triple profiled front wing for Turkey with double vented endplates to turn the air more effectively  outside of the front tyre  profile .



RB6 – front wing modifications at China


    RB6 raced a modified front wing at Sinopec with the following changes to take place :

1.New inner flap profile , having now a far simpler form .

2.New planes fasteners

3.The area where the principle flap meets the endplate has been revised having now less volume  and new shape , probably to separate better the flow of air entering the two venturi channels (pointed by a and b notes )  under the wing

RB6 , front wing – Bahrain and early winter spec comparison

          The team used a revised wing at the second winter test at Jerez with smaller additional winglets [1] . Those winglets , which were actually separated into three sections , are now separated into two . The first section , the closest to the endplate [2] , which remains unchanged ,  has a double profile and aims  mainly to add down force . The middle one [3] has a much smaller double profile and that was the one which was revised . having now endplates also  . The third inner one [4] , mainly acted as an air stabilizer is now rejected . The rejection of the third section also made the mechanics to relocate the vertical supporting element [5].

        The same wing was brought to Sakhir .

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