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Renault R30 – Another new front wing at Valencia


       Renault continued to astonish everyone with its frenzy developing rate and brought another new front wing spec at Valencia street circuit . The new spec was nevertheless not entirely new but a modified Turkish version with  the outer cascade yellow plane part to be rejected  . Furthermore the outer vertical fence was raised in height significantly and gained a red winglet in an attempt to improve airflow around the front wheels.


Renault R30 – low downforce front wing for both drivers at Canada

 Canadian spec

        Canada is a special circuit as it requires low downforce set up and good braking stability and so Renault equipped both Kubica and Petrov cars with new front wings to help them increase the top speed but in the same time to provide enough grip at low speed chicanes and turns . The new wing of decreased chord had the upper cascade winglets  rejected .

Renault R30 – a more complicated front wing for Kubica only at Turkey

  Turkey – Kubica


          At Turkey Kubica raced a brand new and more complicated  front wing ( the sixth spec since car launch ) with totally revised endplates and cascade winglets which provided a higher level of downforce . Petrov on the contrary raced  Kubica’s spanish version for the first time as for Monaco he raced the Chinese spec .

 Turkey – Petrov

Renault R30 – New front wing for Kubica only at Spain

        A new front wing was used by  Kubica only at Spain while Petrov instead used the old Chinese spec . Kubica tested also the old spec but preferred to use the new one and he commented that the new version may offer  little to none gains according to the car set up .  The new wing had a new slotted main plane close to the central neutral zone  and revised second and third planes . Lastly the cascade wing’s  outer under fin and the endplates winglets were also revised .


R30 – New low downforce rear wing for Canada

October 12, 2010 1 comment

     Renault front wing may have changed several times but on the contrary the rear wing follows a less aggressive development program . At Canada the R30 featured a new low downforce rear wing which was the second version since season start and the fourth since winter testing .

R30 – new more complicated engine cover at Belgium


            The new engine cover presented at Spa , alongside with the debut of the  F-suct system , has a new upper part which can be separated from the rest cover body to offer more freedom to mechanics to enter inside the cover and reach the engine and F-duct system internals .

           The F-duct’s  twin  inlets are placed on airbox  sides while at the rear two extra outlet tubes can be seen .

R30 – elongated to the rear engine cover at Hungary


The floor exhausts were lengthened  at Hungary , a change which also triggered  the significant elongation to the rear  of   the sidepods – engine cover . The amount of the elongation that took place can be revealed by the fact that  the new cover  features a small cut ( purple arrow ) where it meets the upper suspension’s wishbone .

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